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Steven Jennings aka Mikey Jukes aka Da Black Kaiser is an A&R, a published Author, TV Producer and some say an End-Times Prophet, with a Masters degree and over 19 years of experience in TV Production, Special Events Promotions, Artist Promotions and Marketing. He has worked extensively with recording artists both signed and unsigned to produce, promote and film special events nationwide.  Steven Jennings and Polo Abasi created a TV show called  "The Cipher Show" in 2001, worked with video promotions and were on the mailing list of Universal, Def Jam, Interscope, Rap-A-Lot records, Tommy Boy, and many more to produce music video programs promoting their artists. The show featured several hosts who also served as Producers including Associate Producer and host Carlos Tatis, and hosts Terrence, Pashun, Harold, Chi and Liz. The Cipher Show aired on television stations such as UPN, The WB, Mynetwork TV and Comcast in Florida as well as KJLA in Los Angeles.  Next, Steven did a radio show in Chicago called The Cipher Show, where he played inspirational hip-hop, on WYCA/WYBA FM radio. Through the help of friends in Los Angeles, The Cipher Show did a TV host competition in Los Angeles in 2004. Next The Cipher Show attended the 2005 BET Awards and the Peta Awards with host Roxanne Dover and Producer Josh Chamberlain, as well as others who assisted. Roxanne Dover was the host of several episodes of The Cipher Show which featured over 20 celebrity cameos. Roxanne's hosting was instrumental in the Hollywood version of The Cipher Show.

Other Producer credits include Terry at Comcast, Neel Little, Tony Mcclorin, Rona Barrett, Antennel Jefferson, and other host credits include Meter Man, DJ Quest and The Big O, as well as the winners from WinYourOwnTVshow TV host competition. Steven realized he was making a lot of Industry contacts on one hand, while making many more aspiring undiscovered talent contacts on the other. Steven knew his calling in life included bringing people together with their destinies by hooking up deals. That's when he created his current project, BestArtistRep.com.  He has developed an ear for musical talent over the years, which helped him get Royce Lovett signed to Motown Gospel/Capitol/Universal.


Best Artist Rep is a company and website created by Steven Michael Jennings to provide Marketing, Public Relations and A&R  (Artists and Repertoire) Services for signed, indie and unsigned artists.  We will review your music and give you the much needed feedback you need to take your career to the next level.  We can send your music to music industry executives. We can also promote/play your music video on TV stations in almost every television market.  We are now sending artists to Major and Indie UK and American Labels Soliciting Music for Recording Contracts in the following Genres: Hip-Hop, Gospel, Rock, Pop, Reggae, Soul, Jazz, R&B, House, Dance, EDM/Electronic, Trance, Progressive, Country, Metal, Acoustic, Alt. Rock, and all Top 40 Genres. Labels we are sending music to include but are not limited to: Def Jam, Interscope, Universal Music Group, Atlantic and over 20 more Indie and Major labels.  



On a side note,

Steven Jennings is also a guy who loves science fiction. He wrote a novel entitled, White Heat Beast.  He wanted to create a fantastic science fiction book based on possible technology, while also making the character real, showing his background history, his weaknesses and his challenges. This book is the first of what Steven hopes will be a series of novels about Shawndre Allen Brown, the indestructible man.

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